>2,700 People with Disabilities and/or Disadvantages Thriving in 2019! 

VPI’s Rehabilitation Clients and their Supporters say it best! 

“They talk to me about how good I am. If I get stuck on a job, they show me what to do. …They [VPI} are awesome and cool, and they help me out a lot.” – Katie Ketter, VPI Production Employee, past Rehabilitation Services Client, NEW Manufacturing All-Star Employee Award Recipient 

Hear Katie in her own words!

Valley Packaging Industries, Inc All Stars 2020


“As her sister and guardian, VPI holds a really special place in our hearts. VPI has provided a life-changing experience for Katie. She has received vocational services for many years and … was hired on as a full-time employee. Something we had never imagined possible for her. She has an immense sense of pride to go to work each day and do her job to the best of her ability. I cannot thank VPI enough for what they have done for her personal and professional growth… So often people with disabilities are limited …VPI has given Katie so many opportunities for growth, it is just incredible.” – Ashley Baldwin, Sister and Guardian of Katie Ketter 

244 Obtained vocational skills training, coaching, and support to overcome employment barriers in our VPI facilities and/or in the community 

“VPI’s supportive environment… provides purpose, responsibilities, friendships and daily structure. Because of the profound difference it makes for our son and the commitment of VPI …to a safe and sustaining workplace, we support without equivocation, [VPI].” ~ Kathy and Jack Meyer, Parent of client with disabilities 

178 Developed job-seeking skills and obtained temporary work experiences leading to permanent employment with a community employer 

“Being a parent and caregiver to a person living with a disability is often difficult and isolating, and can feel like an overwhelming … journey. Working with … VPI helped my daughter and I both feel like we had someone on our team, offering assistance and encouragement during every step of finding employment and the supports necessary to being successful.” ~ Holly Tuyls – Parent of Client with Disabilities 

67 Obtained employability skills classroom instruction and internships on college or employer campuses 

 “He moved past the coach’s help before the work experience was finished … got hired on as an XF employee…we at XF are thankful for this program” ~ Donny Johnson, General Manager – Xperience Fitness Appleton 

145 Obtained FREE mental health services from WI certified peer support specialists at VPI’s Community OutReach Center 

“Since coming here, I am more relaxed with a lot less anxiety attacks. I … recommend to anyone suffering from loneliness and fear to come and enjoy the company and warm atmosphere of the OutReach Center.” ~ Ron, ORC member 

646 Families and children birth to age 3, with developmental delays, received comprehensive early intervention services 

“I am grateful for the support we received from Early Intervention. My son made great progress in his speech, and I felt very supported as a parent. I received a great deal of guidance on how to help him and felt encouraged. Thank you for you wisdom and kindness.” ~ Evan’s Mom 

98 Received clinical services and social support for profound impairments or multiple disabilities 

“She … selects things to do and participate in that are meaningful to her. I believe this adds to her overall health-both mental, physical and promotes her positive self-esteem. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” ~ Sandra Dunsirn, Guardian of Day Services Participant   

1,140 Received emergency relief supplies and referrals from VPI’s Community 2000 program 

“They helped me find the right agencies to talk to… provided me with food, clothing … Without them, I would not have been able to remain in my own apartment living independently.” ~ Sue A. Anhalt, Emergency Relief Services Recipient 

209 (of 550+ employees) Individuals with disadvantages employed full-time in production at VPI  

31.7% have a criminal record

22.6% lack high school diploma or GED

8.1% lack English fluency