Day Services

community-drop-in-center-4029VPI’s Day Services Program at Brewster Street serves individuals with support and clinical services required of those who experience moderate to profound impairments and/or are challenged with multiple disabilities. The program provides person-centered planning and alternative day programming for individuals whose capabilities suggest success in areas other than participation in community and/or facility-based work activity.

Day Services Programming provides, develops and enhances individual goals through community involvement and fundamental skill development. Participants achieve success with a daily program integrating three focus areas:

Social Skill Building

Social Skill Building involves interactive activities, community outings and field trips, in-house presentations focusing on education and community offerings, and group involvement. Activities can include crafts, games, garden club, kitchen club, movies, and physical fitness. Additionally, community purpose is emphasized through annual Pay it Forward projects that bring participants together for a common good. Projects include the creation of greeting cards, non-slip socks for other care facility residents, and personal hygiene care kits for area homeless veterans.

Fine & Gross Motor Skill Development/Maintenance

Fine Motor Skill Building and maintenance involves hand sorting of pieces by color, texture, size and type.

Gross Motor Skill Building and maintenance involves physical fitness and leisure activities individualized for each participant’s goals and offered in a group setting. Activities include life-size bowling and outdoor Ker Plunck.

Individual Enhancement

Individual Enhancement offers programming geared for an individual’s needs and interest areas. Personal care assistance and behavior management is provided to heighten self-awareness, communication, care, and safety. Personal interest activities can include participation in the Pet-utopia pet care area, computer lab, sensory area, and activities focused on life skills and/or social skills development.

Community integration activities are offered in a self-paced environment consistent with defined needs, abilities, and preferences. VPI’s Day Services team’s goal is to offer all participants the opportunity to learn and live through specific experiences together while having fun!

Brewster Street Day Services Facility – designed to accommodate dedicated areas for individual skills training, individual enhancement and care assistance, and unified areas for group socialization activities.

The Day Services Program is divided into two distinct groups:

Level I

The target population is made up of those who are elderly and frail. A specific criterion for participation in this level is that these individuals do not demonstrate disruptive, combative behaviors.

Level II

The target population is made up of those who have moderate to profound cognitive impairments. Participants may exhibit multiple disability characteristics, lack of self-direction and present challenging behavioral needs, which require extensive staff support to be successful.

In collaboration with the Memory Loss Resource Center, Purple Angel Program, and the Fox Valley Memory Project, the Valley Packaging Day Services Brewster Street team has been trained on how participants with dementia can live well. We understand dementia and will do our best to serve our participants with appropriate care and attention to their needs.

For more information, contact the VPI Day Services Manager at #920.749.5870 or email: