Employment Placement Services


VPI provides clients with employment search and placement services that lead to opportunities for them to develop their work skills in the community, in order to prepare them for successful, permanent community based employment.  Those participating in this program have a wide range of abilities and interests, and services offered are based on the needs of each individual. Employment Specialists coordinate with a wide range of employers resulting in diverse training and job opportunities.

Community employment opportunities are flexible, and options can include full or part-time employment or temporary work experience jobs.

Throughout the employment process, VPI can provide support and follow-up to both the employee and employer as warranted, in order to ensure a successful and mutually satisfying employment experience.

job-placement-services-6505Services offered in our Employment Placement Program include:

  • Community-based Employment Assessment to identify skills and measure aptitude in job interest areas
  • Job Preparation Services
    • Resume Development
    • Interview Preparation
    • Workplace Etiquette Training
    • Job Search Techniques
  • Temporary Work Experiences/Job Exploration
    • Search and place with sites according to interests and abilities
    • Experience work in a variety of employment sectors
  • Job Development
    • Determine ideal employment matches that meet or exceed a client’s vocational goals
    • Outreach to area businesses to develop specific employment opportunities
  • Job Coaching
    • On-the-job support professionals work alongside individuals at community sites to provide knowledgeable, helpful, and effective support to both the employee and employer.

For more information, contact VPI’s Community Based Services Manager at 920-749-5859 or email rehabinfo@vpind.com.