VPI operates under the core value that all people have an opportunity and obligation to participate and contribute to community life to the best of their abilities. Our programs are designed to remove barriers for people who have disabilities or disadvantaged circumstances through vocational skills/work training and employment, educational training, social development and recreation.

Valley Packaging Industries’ mission is:

“To promote the dignity and worth of individuals who have disabilities or are disadvantaged and to assist them in developing their optimum level of social, vocational and economic independence in the community.”

Valley Packaging Industries (VPI) programs are designed to meet the individual needs of the people we serve.

  • Employment Skills / Work training and employment are offered within our facilities and in the community.
    • Within our facilities, we operate a large packaging and assembly operation that uses a blended workforce consisting of people in our programs and those that we hire directly for production. This provides us with the capacity for large volumes of work that are diverse, enabling us to provide jobs for our participants based upon their skills and interests.
    • VPI’s community based Employment Placement Program is staffed with several employment specialists who align the individuals’ abilities and interests with the needs of businesses throughout our community. Employability skills trainers are assigned to provide “as needed” training on the job to ensure success.
  • Educational training is provided within our facilities, at a local college campus, or within a local hospital. The training is designed to teach customary work habits and behaviors along with exploring a variety of job options to assist the individual in determining his/her job path.
  • Social development and recreation includes our community drop-in center for people with chronic mental illness, Special Olympics participation, and a variety of community outings for day service participants.

With thousands of individuals successfully served or employed in the Fox Valley community, VPI’s services and programs continue to evolve to meet the individual needs of people from our community by assisting them in becoming more self-sufficient and improving the quality of their lives. With a proven track record for producing fulfilled clients and tangible results, VPI is the logical choice!

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