Isolated & Secure Packaging

For products that require direct exposure and handling and in compliance with the applicable sections of FDA Regulations 29CFR 820, VPI offers both Isolated Packaging Areas and Secured Isolated Packaging Areas separate from the main production floor. These areas contain a variety of high-speed packaging equipment, trained workers, and a wide variety of capabilities.


Isolated Packaging Area Protocols:

  • Compliance for packaging and relabeling of Class 1 & Class 2 Medical Devices, Drug & Cosmetics, and Food Contact items
  • Isolated areas meet WDA and FDA requirements to ensure product packaging is safe and effective
  • Packaging equipment and surfaces are sanitized between every shift
  • Area contains dedicated sink stations in isolated wash-up room
  • Cleanliness procedures include specific hand-washing routine, jewelry removal, and the wearing of beard guards, lab coats, and hair nets upon entry
  • Movable walls adaptable for custom requirements

Common Uses:

  • Select Food Items
  • Diapers
  • Feminine Care Items
  • Facial Tissue