High-speed Horizontal Wrapping (Fin Seal) / Printed Registered Wrapping

High-speed horizontal wrapping offers great flexibility as products of various shapes and sizes can be packaged at a peak level of productivity – from as small as the size of a business card to as large as a magazine. Printed-registered wrapping allows for printing custom product information directly on the packaging material instead of using a plain wrap.

Give us your product, and we’ll propose a way to wrap it!

Common Uses:

  • Promotional Items
  • PPE Kits
  • Individually-Wrapped Eating Utensils
  • Packs of Pens
  • Ink Cartridges

Wrap products in clear or printed film:

  • Capable of running Print-Registered Oriented Poly Propylene (OPP) Film
  • Can use a variety of film types
  • Run speeds flexible with item’s shape and size

“Add on” Capabilities:

  • Pressure-sensitive auto-labeling
  • Ink-jet coding
  • Metal and weight detection
  • Date and Lot Code traceability
  • Printed safety warnings

Note: Valley Packaging is not limited to the packaging equipment or operations listed here. We have experience with, and access to, a wide variety of additional equipment upon demand.