Valley Packaging Industries is looking for a Disability Benefits Specialist to provide benefits counseling and advocacy to individuals between the ages of 18 and 59 years with developmental disabilities, physical disabilities or a mental illness in order to assure that they receive information about, and assistance in, accessing the public and private benefits for which they are eligible.



  • Bachelor’s Degree in a health or human services related field and at least one year of relevant experience or DHFS approval
  • Knowledge of, or experience working with public benefits, insurance and/or the legal system; Ability to read, interpret and apply regulations governing eligibility for benefits
  • Ability to research and investigate problems, and advocate on behalf of customers
  • Knowledge of services and resources for persons with disabilities preferred
  • Demonstrated common sense, judgment, and communication skills, and the ability to maintain confidentiality



  • Provides accurate and current information on a comprehensive array of private and government benefits and programs, and also provides technical assistance about how to access such benefits
  • Assists potential applicants for private and government benefits and programs to locate and gather verifying data, both financial and non-financial
  • Provides information on consumer rights, complaints, grievance and appeal processes
  • Provides advice and assistance in preparing and filing complaints, grievances and appeals at the local and state levels, as well as beyond
  • Makes appropriate referrals for employment and other disability-related counseling and services
  • Consults regularly with the designated DBS Program Attorney to determine appropriate interpretation of law or regulation and appropriate action to assist in resolution of client issues


Work performed is generally within the light range as defined by the United States Department of Labor.

Base pay ranges $38,000-48,000/year.


Valley Packaging Industries (VPI) is a community rehabilitation center that provides a variety of human services and vocational skills training to Fox Valley residents and manufacturing-related business services to private industry. Valley Packaging is the result of a partnership created more than 60 years ago with parents of people with disabilities, local manufacturers, and human service providers. By consistently meeting clients’ and customers’ needs, Valley Packaging has grown into the successful service organization it is today with: over 800,000 sq. ft. of customizable production space, large isolated packaging areas, capacity available for growth, high-speed equipment, and a uniquely blended workforce that integrates hundreds of individuals with disabilities with technically trained production workers.

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