Welcome to Valley Packaging Industries

Valley Packaging Industries (VPI) is a community rehabilitation center that provides a variety of human services and vocational skills training to Fox Valley residents and manufacturing-related business services to private industry. Valley Packaging is the result of a partnership created more than 60 years ago with parents of people with disabilities, local manufacturers, and human service providers. By consistently meeting clients’ and customers’ needs, Valley Packaging has grown into the successful service organization it is today with: over 800,000 sq. ft. of customizable production space, large isolated packaging areas, capacity available for growth, high-speed equipment, and a uniquely blended workforce that integrates hundreds of individuals with disabilities with technically trained production workers.

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What does VPI offer businesses?

Known for affordable pricing, consistent quality and on-time delivery of their contract packaging and assembly projects, Valley Packaging has earned a strong reputation with its manufacturing- related customers.

How does the community benefit?

When you partner with Valley Packaging, you provide for extensive rehabilitation and vocational services for those with disabilities or disadvantages in the greater Fox Valley community.

How does VPI do it?

To help deliver on our promise of “Whatever It Takes,” Valley Packaging offers a variety of rehabilitation and vocational skills training services and employment opportunities to those with disabilities.