Pre-Vocational Job Skills Training Services

Prevocational job training provides people with disabilities work experiences, hands-on training and support to overcome barriers and learn employability skills. The primary focus of this program addresses the specific employment behaviors and skills that will lead to their highest level of employability. The program is tailored to meet the individual’s needs and can be provided as an integrated facility-based program, community-based program, or a combination of both.

Individualized Training Program:

  • Individualized rehabilitation plan to address specific needs
  • Hands-on work experience and support provided on Valley Packaging’s work floor
  • Supplemental activities designed to enhance employability skills of each individual


In-person Classroom Instruction:

  • Learn how to effectively communicate with supervisors and co-workers
  • Learn how to understand and follow supervisors’ instructions
  • Learn how to practice workplace hygiene and follow dress code
  • Learn how to practice effective workplace behavior and social conduct


Small Group Training, Coaching & Support:

In-House Enclave

  • 3-8 individuals + Job Coach completing tasks together
  • Perform non-production, work-related tasks including but not limited to: mowing lawn, janitorial, cleaning, painting and clerical
  • Perform activities in a team environment and experience new employment opportunities

Community Enclave

  • 3-5 individuals + Job Coach complete a job together in the community
  • Jobs may include but not limited to: folding laundry, stocking shelves, janitorial, landscaping, and other hands-on employment opportunities
  • Gain experience working with a diverse group of individuals in the community

Field Trips for Job Exploration

  • Tour a variety of businesses
  • Explore a variety of employment opportunities in the community
  • Meet and greet with individuals with disabilities that progressed through Valley Packaging’s prevocational training program and are now successfully working in the community

For more information, contact VPI’s Rehabilitation Services Director #920-749-5859.