Outagamie County Early Intervention – Birth to 3 Program (EIP)

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The Early Intervention Program provides comprehensive services and support to children under the age of three who are experiencing delays in their development or have special needs and their families.

The earlier a child’s developmental delays are discovered, the more opportunities there are for a child to increase his or her abilities. The mission of the Early Intervention Program is to help children develop the skills they need to participate in typical activities with their families, in their homes and within their communities.

The Early Intervention Program’s focus is on supporting parents and caregivers and giving them the tools they need to help their children develop and learn.


Early Intervention Process

Intake / Screening

The Early Intervention Program’s Intake Coordinator will contact the child’s parent after receiving a referral to learn the parents’ concerns for the child’s development and then conduct a screening to determine if a more comprehensive evaluation is warranted.

Evaluation / Determining Eligibility

A developmental evaluation will determine the child’s eligibility for the program. A child is eligible for enrollment if he or she demonstrates a significant delay (25% behind) in one area of development or if he or she has a diagnosis that is likely to lead to delayed development.

Family Assessment / Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP)

For each eligible child, another meeting will be held to obtain more information about the child and family’s routines and priorities. This information is gathered to develop an individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP), which includes the parents’ goals and a plan for services and support from the program.

Transition to Other Programs

As a child approaches age three or the family is no longer in need of Early Intervention support, the Early Intervention team will help identify programs that both child and family can participate in and facilitate a smooth transition process.

Our Services

The IFSP will include the designation of a primary coach who will work with the child’s family most frequently; however, a full team of professionals is available to provide support whenever necessary. The Early Intervention team will provide ideas and strategies to help the child’s family enhance the child’s development and learning potential. They will focus on what is naturally happening in the child’s life and provide services in the home, in the child care setting, and other places in the community.

Support Services:

  • Service Coordination
  • Speech / Language Pathology
  • Early Childhood Special Education
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Language Interpretation

Birth to 3 Guiding Principles

(Developed by the Wisconsin Birth to 3 Interagency Coordinating Council)

  • Children’s optimal development depends on their being viewed first as children and second as children with a problem or disability.
  • Children’s greatest resource is their family.
  • Parents are partners in any activity that serves their child.
  • Just as children are best supported within the context of family, the family is best supported with the context of the community.
  • Professionals are most effective when they can work as team members with parents and others.
  • Collaboration is the best way to provide comprehensive services.
  • Early intervention enhances the development of a child.

To make a referral, call #920.997.1484 or email b3referral@vpind.com.

For developmental information and other resources, visit the Outagamie County’s Early Intervention website

For information related to how the law works for you and your child, visit the Wisconsin Department of Health Service’s website

Outagamie County Early Intervention Program is located in the

Community Early Learning Center

313 S. State St.

Appleton, WI 54911